Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first go at POS warfare

Well after all were happy and warm and fuzzy from VDay (wink) I logged on and fleeted up. Corp chat was buzzing about taking down a POS in Piak. So I jumped in my wanna be POS killing Raven and headed off to Piak. After incapping all the weapons. We started on the their medium Caldari tower and that's were I'm still at it after 3 hours. OMG this is boring. We are waiting for it to go into reenforce. That if it has stront in it. Woot just went into reenforce in 19 hour we can kill it. Let ya know how it comes out.

Fly like your ass is on fire


1 comment:

Tony said...

Hehe yea POS bashing is super boring!