Friday, January 23, 2009

Close Your Eye's and Click Your Heals 3 Times

And that's how fast the move was to Seppuku Warriors. I was brought into the fold by our very own EVE Blog Pack Member and Seppuku Warrior Director Dee Carson. Mad greetings of Welcome,Howdy and you finally made it assaulted me as I was transported into SW corp chat and then I had a client crash. LoL I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Oh BTW totally off subject, if you haven't heard the recording of the Epic EVE Nerd Rage you just have to give it a listen. This is brought to us by the one and only SiliconBuddha of Fly Reckless podcast fame

Ok thats it for now. Off to bed with me before my eye lids slam shut.

Fly like you ass is on fire.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

And thats the way it is this 21st of Janurary 2009

Well I've gone and done it. I've dropped roles with EVE University and I'm going to be a member of Seppuku Warriors.

It wasn't an easy thing to do, it was kinda like the same feeling you get when you go off to boot camp or just leave something that familiar. I'm npt going to be able to fly with some of my old buddy's due to our being a VERY PVP centric corp and wanting to keep E-Uni's diplomatic neutrality. I told them I'd give them a good reference if they wanted to try and join SW after there tenure so there's hope for a reunion yet.

After this I'm not sure. I might seek a teaching job at another academy in EVE or I might follow my long term goal to become a member of a Mercenary Corp. Who Knows?

For now I'll just keep writing about my goings on around EVE.

Fly like your ass is on fire.


PS. Moving all my stuff is a Bitch

Monday, January 19, 2009

EvE's Dream Team

Sabre A (Yes that Sabre A) has assembled what only can be called the EvE equivalent of the Dream Team. He has brought some of the finest PVPer's in the game under one banner to form the core instructors of Seppuku Warrior's. These individuals have put aside the political differences to teach select few the fine art of small gang PVP to include but not limited to fast roaming gangs, Sniper Fleets, Remote Repairing Fleets.

Seppuku Warrior's stellar team of instructors are:

Rooman(ANZAC) - The CEO and Leader Of Southern Cross Alliance

(RKK) - Director of Reikoku and GBC Senior FC

Acacia Incana(EVOL) - Ex IVY PvP Instructor that made it Big

Mijstor Jedann(SHIVA) - NC Senior FC and CEO of Seppuku Warriors

(SHIVA) - CEO, NC Senior FC and Ex Leader of Morsus Mihi, VC and FA

SirMolle(EVOL) - The CEO and Leader Of The Band of Brothers Alliance

There is yet another unconfirmed instructor that I am not at the liberty to disclose at this time. But as soon as that information is made available I will post an update.

These played have come together to teach what they know about PVP. Setting aside there differences to give back to players of EvE.

I for one hope for the opportunity to learn from these masters of the game

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sixth Alliance Tournament Team Listings

The listings of Team participating in the Sixth Alliance Tournament have just been announced. I see a lot of old faces and quite a few new ones. I myself thought that EVE University was going to field a team but I guess I was wrong. But I do see that each race has a factional warfare team, it will be interesting if we see the factional teams stick with there races ships or will they barrow from another???. Will the Ev0ke be hindered because of the problems within the past few months??? Will the Privatears fold under pressure like they did in there war with EVE University Will it be a team from one of the large alliances or a new up and comer to rise above the rest at the end. We'll just have to tune in and see won't we. For the latest and greatest on the Sixth Alliance Tournament tune in here or at the EVE Online Tournament Page

Friday, January 9, 2009

EON #14 and Ivy Leage Corp

Just a quick and shameless plug for the new EON magazine issue #14 and in it is a Corp profile of Ivy Leage Alliance and EvE University which I'm a member of. So go out and buy a copy and read why EvE-Uni is one of the best Corps around.